Open to Arkansas Residents Only

  1. Sybil Nash Abrams Award: $1,000/$400/$250. Must be historically accurate, original and unpublished. Enclose bibliography (not included in line count) on a separate page. First place winner ineligible to enter contest for four years thereafter. Subject: Historic Arkansas homes. Form: Any. Line limit: 60 – 100. Chair: Committee of winners from the past four years.


Open to PRA Members Only

  1. Rosa Zagnoni Marinoni: $50/$30/$20, HM $10/$10/$10. Subject: Any. Form: Any. Line limit: 36.  Chair: Pat Laster.
  2. “3 Little Lines”: $50/$30/$20. Subject: Nature. Form: Traditional haiku (5,7,5). Line limit:  3. Chair: Fay Guinn.
  3. Crawford Poetry Prize: $40/$25/$15, HM $5/$5/$5/$5.  Subject:  Any.  Form:  Elizabethan sonnet.  Line limit:  14.  Chair Dr. John Crawford.
  4. Pauline Brown Memorial : $25/$15/$10. Subject: Any. Form: Lyric rhyme. Line limit: 32. Chair: Roundtable Poets of Hot Springs.
  5. Fill in the Blankety-Blanks: $25/$15/$10.  Subject: Any.  Form:  Limerick.  Line limit:  5.  Be sure meter is correct for form.  Do not invert words to get rhyme, but made-up words are fine.  Chair:  Barbara Blanks.
  6. Sentimental Journey: $25/$15/$10.  Subject:  Any.  Form:  Musical lyric.  Line limit:  36.  Chair:  Delores Hinde.


Open to All Poets

  1. Sharp Award: $50/$30/$20, HM $5/$5/$5. Subject: Any. Form: Free verse. Line limit: 38. Chair: Cathy Moran.
  2. In honor of Madeline Queen and Leatha Jorgensen: $50/$30/$20, HM book/book/book. Subject: What keeps us going strong. Form: Free verse. Line limit: 40. Chair: Poets Northwest.
  3. Opal Jane & Harry O’Neal Memorial Award: $50/$35/$25, HM $5/$5/$5. Subject: Doors. Form: Any. Line limit: 36. Chair: Ben H. O’Neal III.
  4. Opal Jane & Harry O’Neal Humor Award: $50/$35/$25, HM $5/$5/$5. Subject: Food. Form: Any. Line limit: 36. Chair: Ben H. O’Neal III.
  5. Poets Northwest: $50/$30/$20, HM$15/$15/$15. Subject: Paths taken in the forest. Form: Shakespearean sonnet. Line limit: 14. Chair: Kate Lacy/Poets Northwest.
  6. River Market Poets Award: $50/$30/$20. Subject: I’ll give you a call. Form: Free verse. Line limit: 38. Chair: River Market Poets.
  7. L.C. & Pat Bridges Award: $50/$25/$15. Subject: Christian poetry. Form: Free verse. Line limit: 24. Chair: L.C. and Pat Bridges.
  8. Dr. Seuss Memorial Award: $50/$30/$20. Subject: Any poetry for children. Form: Any. Line limit: 24. Chair: Donna Smith.
  9. Music on my mind- The song I can’t forget: $50/$30/$20. Subject: Music. Form: Free verse. Line limit: 36. Chair: Rita Goodgame.
  10. Bucket List Award: $50/$30/$20, HM $5/$5/$5.  Subject:  Bucket list.  Form:  Any.  Line limit:  28.  Chair:  Dennis Patton.
  11. Marie Barton & Teresa Dixon Memorial: $30/$20/$10, HM $5/$5/$5.  Subject:  What you said.  Form:  Any.  Line limit:  36.  Chair:  Jim Barton.
  12. South Arkansas Poets of the Pines Poetry Award: $25/$15/$10.  Subject:  The Blues.  Form:  Any.  Line limit:  24.  Chair:  SAPOP.
  13. That’s Life Award: $25/$15/$10.  Subject:  Kindness  Form:  Free verse.  Line limit:  32.  Chair:  Laura Loughridge.
  14. Saline County Branch Award: $25/$15/$10 HM $5/$5/$5. Subject: Any. Form: Any. Line limit: 28. Chair: Saline County Poets.
  15. Crowson Award: $25/$15/$10, HM $5/$5/$5. Subject: I remember when. Form: Any. Line limit: 28. Chair: Don Crowson.
  16. Two Rivers Poets of Ft. Smith Award: $30/$20/$10.  Subject:  Nature’s wonders.  Form:  Any.  Line limit:  40.  Chair:  Mary and Kitty Sangster.
  17. Florence Gibbs Memorial: $25/$15/$10.  Subject:  Any.  Form:  Any.  Line limit:  36.   Chair: Anna Noack.
  18. Betty Heidelberger Memorial Award: $25/$15/$10.  Subject:  Any.  Form:  Any.  Line limit:  36.  Chair  Anna Noack.
  19. Baker Nichols Award: $25/$15/$10.  Subject:  Why I love America.  Form:  Baker sonnet.  Iambic pentameter – aBbcaabcdcdBee.  Line limit:  14.  Chair:  Freeda Baker Nichols.



  1. Mail all entries and fees in one envelope postmarked by August 15, 2018 to Marie Allison, 165 St. Andrews, Hot Springs AR 71913.
  2. Non-members may enter all contests for which they are eligible for $15; members may enter for $10. Make check or money order payable to “PRA.”
  3. Submit one typed or Times New Roman (12) original and one copy for each contest entered with no illustrations or embellishments on entries. Type number and name of award in upper left corner of both copies. On duplicate only, place name and address in upper right corner (labels accepted).
  4. All poems must be original, unpublished work of the poet, and not under consideration for publication. PRA defines publication as having an ISBN #.
  5. Submit only one poem in each contest. No poem may be entered in more than one contest.
  6. All contests have a 40 line limit unless a certain line limit is specified by the sponsor.
  7. No entries will be returned. All manuscripts will be destroyed.
  8. Contest chairs are not necessarily judges.
  9. Three honorable mentions will be awarded without prizes unless otherwise specified. Entries not following rules will be disqualified.