Blanks Barbara Flesh of the Sun: Life Above the Ground or
Blanks Barbara I’ve Heard Verse: awfully good poetry

or or
Blanks Barbara The Earth Still Turns
or or
Blanks Barbara Not Quite Leaping Puddles

or,, or
Blanks Barbara Resisting the Ground (Prize winning poems) or or
Blanks Barbara Traveling Sideways (More prize poems) or or
Crawford John Female Voices From the Bible
Durmon Pat Blind Curves
Durmon Pat Lights and Shadows in a Nursing Home
Durmon Pat Push Mountain Road
Durmon Pat Women, Resilient Women
Jones Erin Goes Well With Beer
Lacy Kate Turning Home
Laster Pat HIDING MYSELF INTO SAFETY: a Collection of Short Stories
and Long Poems, plus an Occasional Essay
Lowery William R. God is Love
McCarthy LaVern Images of Life
McCarthy LaVern My Parrot Loves Me lulu, Barnes and Noble and Amazon
McCarthy LaVern Porch Swing Rhyme
McDougall Jo Women Who Marry Houses
McDougall Jo The Woman in the Next Booth
McDougall Jo Towns Facing Railroads
McDougall Jo From Darkening Porches
McDougall Jo Dirt
McDougall Jo Satisfied with Havoc
McDougall Jo Under an Arkansas Sky
McDougall Jo In the Home of the Famous Dead: Collected Poems
McDougall Jo The Undiscovered Room
Moulton Karen One Year Ago Today and Other Poems of Revelation
Moulton Karen Now
Moulton Karen The Unpartnered Wife
Mulkey Barbara Longstreth The Common Air
or 501-607-0366
Nichols Freeda Baker Tigers and Morning Glories
Rhodes Suzanne Flying Yellow: New and Selected Poems
Rhodes Suzanne Hungry Foxes
Rhodes Suzanne A Welcome Shore
Rhodes Suzanne Sketches of Home
Rhodes Suzanne The Roar on the Other Side
Vernon Kim A Rhyme For Every Season Every-Season-Kimberly-Vernon/ dp/1979507007
PRA Vintage Anthologies
Patton Dennis

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